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Stitching Into The Next Generation: Cindi Sierak

Cindi Sierak, of Spring Hill, Fla., is very fond of sewing and uses her hobby to enrich the lives of other people who lack those skills. Sierak always puts the needs of others before her own needs.  She always makes it a point to reflect on the impact that other individuals have had on her life and is always willing to give of herself to make a difference in others’ lives. I was truly inspired and found it interesting to see first hand the quilts that Sierak created herself and the stories behind each one of them. There were quilts made entirely by hand and when I looked closely, I could see all of the small stitches throughout each piece she had sewn together.

Also, it was amazing for me to be able to hold in my hands a quilt that was given to Sierak by a dear friend dating back to the early 1940s and completed in the early 1960s. Whenever Sierak starts a new project she usually has a special person in mind.  In 2011, Sierak created a quilt entirely by hand for a friend who was turning 50-years-old. She was able to get the quilt she made from her friend so I can see the final product for myself. The colors were so vibrant and beautiful.  If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed how intricate that quilt was.

Furthermore, Sierak continues to mentor Girl Scouts because she is able to teach them life skills which they do not currently learn at home or even at school.  Sierak is passionate about sewing and is thrilled that future generations are once again getting inspired to learn this life skill.

Stitching Into The Next Generation from Karen León on Vimeo.



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