Embracing A Child With Down Syndrome

La’Mena Faye Costa was born in Spring Hill, Fla., 5-years-ago. To her mother’s surprise, La’Mena was born with Down syndrome and her family was not aware of it until the moment she was born.  Her mother, Stephanie Hartt, decided to embrace the situation and remain positive while giving her Down syndrome child a loving and supportive home. Hartt immediately began doing research on Down syndrome to become knowledgeable.

Although challenging at first, it has since become a blessing as family has reached out to assist Hartt abundantly with La’Mena.  La’Mena is very carefree, playful, and loving as she continuously demonstrates her sisterly love towards her brother John and her newest addition to the family, her infant brother.   John Paul Costa IV, La’Mena’s younger brother states, “I take La’Mena to school every day. I love you La’Mena.”

It has been difficult at times as Hartt has had to reflect on why this occurred to her daughter, but family support and her faith has been her saving grace.  Hartt states “God gives his biggest battles to his strongest soldiers!”

A comparative study of mastery motivation in young children with Down’s syndrome: similar outcomes, different processes?, found that children with Down syndrome are just as persistent and goal-directed as children of their same age group. Although children with Down syndrome may experience some challenges, both physical and health related, they still could be successful if their caregiver is resourceful and supportive.

Presently, there are a multitude of resources available concerning Down syndrome. The National Association for Down Syndrome identifies three chromosomal patterns including Trisomy 21, which accounts for 95 % of people with Down syndrome. Regardless of which type of pattern a child may have their development and characteristics are affected by the extra chromosome.

Thanks to the Internet, parents of Down syndrome children are much more supported by the instant availability of information today than ever before.




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  1. Lourdes rivera-olsen says

    Beautiful story! She is beautiful and you are all blessed!!!

  2. phyllis costa says

    Love you always La’Mena..Grandma Costa