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Lady Seahawks Work Towards Earning Scholarships While Also Serving Their Community

The Lady Seahawks Varsity softball game will be held at Sunlake High School, in Land O’ Lakes, Fla. Although this is the first game of the season, the Lady Seahawks have been conditioning and working very hard to make this season successful. In order to play softball, it takes a lot of rigor and balance to ensure the players maintain the grades and work ethic to be victorious. Many of these teenage girls are working towards collegiate scholarships and have a rigorous schedule both in and out of school.   In recent years, the sports available for teenage girls to participate in high schools have increased dramatically.  This demand has opened many doors of opportunity because now many of these teenage girls are eligible to go to college and play varsity sports.  Financially, this dream can become a reality for them by applying for scholarships, grants, and financial aid. Today, parents are more involved than ever when it comes to supporting and advocating for their children. According to the article, Producing High School Girls’ Videos, written by Stu Sweetow, high school girls’ sports is growing rapidly and parents are taking the initiative to hire videographers to make digital portfolios to use in the recruitment process. Although they may have to invest money upfront, they will be able to use the videos to help their child recruited to go to a college of their choice and secure scholarships.

The Lady Seahawks work hard on the field and even harder for the community.  Currently, the team is putting together two major events for the community. On Tuesday, February 11, 2014, the Lady Seahawks Softball team will have their Pink Out Game in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. All of the players take part in promoting, decorating, and selling baked goods to raise money. The proceeds earned will be donated to the American Cancer Society.   Also, Yelina Skipper and Angela Izzo, two cancer survivors who work at the school, will be throwing out the first pitch for the game.  On April 10, 2014, another event the Lady Seahawks will be hosting will be in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Sunlake High School will be playing against Zephyrhills High School. The Land O’ Lakes and the Zephyrhills community will be work together to raise awareness and support for this cause. An undisclosed wounded soldier in Afghanistan will be throwing the first pitch for the game. The softball players are very excited and eager for this opportunity. Also, the players will plan to wear digital camouflage uniforms to be worn in support of this event. Nelson Garcia, the Lady Seahawks Varsity coach said “being a part of the Lady Seahawks Varsity softball team is more than just about winning a game.  The players will have the opportunity to take the ethics, morals, and values learned on the field and apply them to their everyday life” said Coach Garcia.



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